Golf Master 3D

February 20, 2009 - 7,594 views - Comments: 8
A classic 3d Golf game with 18 holes of fun!

A classic 3d Golf game with 18 holes of fun!

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Golf Master 3D, 2.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings


    You have got to fix your game, so it is not so punishing to good players. It is clearly noticable that once a player gets about 9 to 10 strokes under par, you can hardly hit a straight shot, avoid water traps, or get out of the bushes! The same bush will be in front of you until you are back to par, then it lets you shoot. Who’s idea was that? Making it harder, having different levels, etc. is fine—but this is crazy. On the same hole, it will take four full-power shots to go the same distance as two shots with a higher scored player.

    If I purposely keep a higher (worse) score, this almost never happens. Fix it!

  • good game!! and i got a 83 🙂

  • Ahem. 10 weeks. No answer? No fix? Don’t your advertisers think it is a good idea to keep traffic coming to see their ads?

  • Well, it has been one full year–and nothing has changed except your advertisers seem to have left you. Get focused–once on the green, even near the edge, a full power shot should go further than 2 feet. This can be a good game, but you game owners need to pay attention.

  • Game owners: Get the defects fixed. You have a passable game that could be fantastic. But you need to stop the ball from slowly rolling right over the center of the hole!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tried to help you impriove, and you are not reacting. Get it done. Now.

  • Checked back today, only to find no corrections! Wow. Blatant cheating and ignorance! I verified the fact that balls roll right over the hole at a snails pace and still don’t drop in. In a year-and-one-half, no improvement! Move on, golfers–you’re not appreciated here, for certain.

  • Over a year-and-one-half later, the game defects have not yet been addressed. We players look forward to the explanation for such arrogant attitude. It is a waste to have a decent game marred by such poor attitude. It is obviously amazing to me, and others I am sure, that game owners just take the game players for granted. But your advertisers are getting cheated and overcharged for ads they rightfully presumed would appear with a respectable product. That, along with the game’s golf balls rolling slowly over a hole without dropping in, is absolute cheating!! Shameful.

  • Like to download the game

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